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The ELHO Sideliner 1650 M bale wrapper receives bales from the driving direction of the baler. This makes the bale wrapper easy to use even on small surface areas with ditches. The loading arms do not drag on the ground, it's leaving the grass unharmed, and no soil is carried with the bale to the wrapping table. This ensures clean and top quality silage. The manually operated ELHO Sideliner 1650 M is controlled by cable remote control from the tractor cabin. The ELHO Sideliner 1650 M can be equipped with single tyres (standard) or with bogie wheels (optional). Wide low-pressure tyres and an equal distribution of load keep the wrapping device over ground even on a wet field. A short, symmetrical bogie is gentle on the grass even in tight turns. The ELHO Sideliner 1650 M, equipped with two 750 mm wrapping units, is a really quick machine. The plastic film cutter collects the plastic into a bundle resulting in a firm grip and minimum risk of tearing the plastic. The tightening unit follows the surface of the plastic roll and keeps the preliminary tightening even regardless of the amount of plastic left. The monitor states clearly when the desired number of plastic layers is reached. It also counts the number of bales per sector as well as the total number.

ELHO Sideliner 1650 M - bale wrapper ELHO Sideliner 1650 M - bale wrapper ELHO Sideliner 1650 M - bale wrapper

Technical Specifications

Control - cable, monitor

Total Length - 4.5m

Width - 2.73m

Height - 2.85m

Bale diameter - 1.0/1.6m

Oil flow, min/max - 20/50 l/min

Tyre size - 26,00x12.00-12

Weight - 1190kg

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