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The ELHO SideChopper TPM520 Pro is designed for full time work. It is an excellent choice for contractors, municipalities, road maintenance associations, forest road associations and other demanding users. The reach and work area of the machine are sufficient for difficult places as well. The mulcher can handle thick brush and shaggy grasses. It reaches over railings and plough signs, cuts six metres up and reaches to the water level even in deep and wide ditches. Its reach is up to 5.2 m from the centre line of the tractor. The cutting width is 2.1 metres. The PTO shaft has a freewheel clutch.

The power transmission for the SideChopper TPM 520 Pro is fully mechanical with high-powered V-belts and angle transmission up to the rotor. The cutter head can be used in all positions and angles, even upside down above the cabin. Horizontal and vertical adjustment is hydraulic and smooth. Downwards the reach is more than 90 degrees.

ELHO SideChopper TPM520 Pro ELHO SideChopper TPM520 Pro ELHO SideChopper TPM520 Pro

Technical Specifications

Working widt - 210cm

Maximum reach - 520cm

Mulcher tilt - 180deg up, 90deg down

Number of knives - 20 (1.3kg each)

Rotor diameter - 50cm

Rotation speed of rotor - 2000rpm

Fixed counter blade - standard

Adjustable support roll - standard

Hydraulic connection - 4 double acting

Weight - 2400kg

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