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Continuous merger ROC RT 380 represents the symbol of a revolutionary raking system. The main difference compared to traditional rakes is represented by both the pick-up system and by the working position of the merger as to the tractor. Firstly, ROC RT 380 lifts the crop in order then to transport it on a conveyor belt, whereas traditional rakes drag the crop on the ground up to the windrow. Secondly, unlike traditional rakes ROC RT 380 can be fastened both on the front and on the back of the tractor, driving it in this latter case with inverted drive.

The machine offers moreover the following further advantages - the chance to increase the working hours amount of the machine, which moreover enables to reduce the number of machines at work. Compared to traditional rakes, thanks to its very soft way of handling the crop the merger series RT allows to extend considerably the working time, up to doubling the daily working hours in the most cases. This system has several advantages. Firstly, it allows to work using not only less mergers but also less tractors, reducing in this way the number of workers involved in operations of such a short length of time. A further advantage is represented by the chance of avoiding night work, more expensive and not welcomed by workers. By concentrating the work during daytime the product is dryer and evener, which is a hardly achievable result if you rake a product wet by dew.

ROC RT 380 Merger ROC RT 380 Merger ROC RT 380 Merger


Less stripping of hay and higher quality

Lower product losses

Less damages to fresh growth of crop

820kg / 1807lb

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